Artificial Intelligence: Transhumanism is Narcissistic. We Must Strive for Hyperhumanism

Article by Joël de Rosnay  published on "L'OBS Le Plus" - April 26, 2015

From Selfie to Healthfie


Article by Joël de Rosnay on the creation of the concept of "Healthfie" an array of Personalized Health Dashboards - September 6, 2014

From Molecular Biology to Biotics : the Developpement of bio-, info-, and nano-Technologies"


Joël de Rosnay's article published in the special issue of « Cellular and Molecular Biology », Biotechnologies : realities and perspectives, vol 47, p.7-16, 2001.


Important scientific and technological developments have been achieved in biology during the last few years. Through the application of these developments, biotechnology will have a growing influence on the life sciences and their industrial use in the near future. This influence is evident in new drug design and in the development of diagnostic tests, bioelectronic equipment, and services. It has been observed that three fields of study are becoming increasingly interdependent: the molecular, the computational, and the mechanical. This convergence is achieved through the still closer relationships between biotechnologies, infotechnologies, nanotechnologies and microelectronics.

The Digital Revolution


Redefining the Basic Assumptions for the Global Economy, Published in "Overcoming Indifference", 10 Key Challenges in today Changing World. Edited by Klaus Schwab, New York University Press, New York, August 1995.

From Biotechnology to Biotics : The Engineering of Molecular Machines


Biotechnolgy Handbook - Published by Butterworth/Ann Arbour Edited by Paul N.Cheremisinoff and Robert P. Ouelette - February 17, 1984


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